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Sighisoara's Church on the Hill, Transylvania


Sighisoara's Church on the Hill, Transylvania, Romania

> It is more than 6 centuries old.
> The center point of the Citadel of Sighisoara.
> Centuries old frescos, paintings and sculptures.
> The old crypts.
> The organ concerts.

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The highest point of the Citadel of Sighisoara, on the top of a hill. Sighisoara is located in the northern part of Saxon lands Transylvania, on the border with the Szekelyfold area; it is close to the city of Tg.Mures.

About Sighisoara's Church on the Hill, Transylvania

It is the most beautiful piece of architecture of the most beautiful Medieval citadel in Eastern Europe, Sighisoara.

Mentioned since 1345, one of the oldest churches in Romania, The Church on the Hill dominates the town from the top of the Citadel's hill. You can reach it by climbing 175 steps of the Scholars' Stairs, a steep road dating from 1640's.

Inside the church
It took 180 years to finish the church. Inside you can find beautiful sculptures and paintings, some of them as old as 1480. It is the only Evangelic church in Transylvania that has old crypts inside its walls: 60 tombstones. You can also see on the walls of the church a fresco dating from 1380 which presents the Holy Trinity. It was originally painted both inside and outside its walls. Unfortunately, the painting was destroyed in 1776 when it was repainted while the originals were copied on paper. The papers with the original designs were lost and never found again. The church never needed to be repaired until the 20th century when a German foundation provided a complete restoration. It is considered to be the most valuable piece of architecture in the Citadel of Sighisoara.

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