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Slanic Moldova, town and spa in Moldavia / POP.5,000


Slanic Moldova, Moldavia, Romania

> The Mineral Waters.
> The Slanic Moldova Park.
> The "Track of the 300 stairs"
> Close to Bacau, a low-cost flights hub.

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You can find Slanic Moldova in Moldavia region, close to the city of Bacau.

About Slanic Moldova, Moldavia

Named “The Pearl of Moldavia”, it’s placed on the Eastern side of the Oriental Carpathians and it’s not only a holiday destination but a rich source of mineral waters, known for the therapeutic effects.

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Places to visit in Slanic Moldova, Romania

Slanic Moldova Park a wonderful green oasis located in the heart of the spa.

The Track of the 300 Stairs is loved by trekkers, the small road goes up to 830m and ends at the Slanic Waterfalls and Slanic Gorges.

The Mineral Waters
...discovered in 1801, the mineral waters were awarded prestigious medals in Paris, Vienna, Frankfurt etc, being compared with similar waters from Karlovy Vary or Vichy.
Going out
The only place you can enjoy good restaurants and clubs is the city of Bacau, around 1h30 away from the spa.

Concerts & Festivals in Moldavia

The Folklore County Festival
...taking place in July, has a tradition of 18 years.

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