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Slanic Salina, salt mine in Wallachia


Slanic Salina, Wallachia, Romania

> The largest salt mine in Europe.
> You will descend over 200m underground.
> Huge rooms underground: 45m high, 32m wide.

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About an hour away from Ploiesti, an important city north of capital Bucharest, in Wallachia.

About Slanic Salina, Wallachia

It is the largest salt mine in Europe. It is also a resort. The salt mine has 14 rooms, 32m wide and 45 meters height. The surface is is 78,000 m2. 3 million m3 of salt have been excavated from this mine. 
You'll take the elevator to the middle of the earth - over 200m below the surface. Be carefull, it's cold inside, the temperature is around 12C. The humidity is also hight while the air is "salty" and therefore benefic for respiratory problems. You'll find playgrounds, a pool table, a bar or sports fields. The salt mine has been in use since 1688 and an average of 600 tourists visit the mine every day. You can also see a salt lake and a salt mountain in the area around the salt mine.

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Places to visit in Slanic Salina, Romania

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Concerts & Festivals in Wallachia

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