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Slatina, village in Moldavia / POP.5,100


Slatina, Moldavia, Romania

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Bukovina area, the north-western corner of Moldavia; a former province of Austria, Bukovina is now divided between Romania and Ukraine. The city of Suceava is the main urban center in the area.

About Slatina, Moldavia

An unsiginificant village hosts a monastery that is older than most of the major religious buildings placed within the important cities. It has tall, fortified walls and it is placed nearby a forested hill surrounded by peaceful landscapes.

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Places to visit in Slatina, Romania

The Fortified Monastery
The village hosts a fortified monastery founded in 1554 by the ruler of Moldavia, Alexandru Lapusneanu. It was damaged soon after it was built by the following rulers and by the 17th century wars.
For 40 years the place was abandoned and repopulated in the early 19th century. It was damaged again and renovated in 1823.

Going out
Most of the entertainment facilities are located in the city of Suceava, 40km away. You can also step by Gura Humorului town, a few km away from the village for a couple of restaurants and local clubs.

Concerts & Festivals in Moldavia

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