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Snagov Monastery
, Bucharest


Snagov Monastery, Bucharest, Romania

> This island is famous for hosting the relics of Vlad Dracula.
> It is a beautiful old monastery located on an island close to Bucharest.

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The monastery can be found few km north of the capital Bucharest, in Snagov area. After crossing the Snagov forrest, there's a lake with an island on it and that's where the old monastery is located.

About Snagov Monastery, Bucharest

 The legend says that the monks found his body and organized a burial ceremony in their monastery, in secret, so that the new leader of Wallchia - appointed by the Turks - won't find out. Historians can't yet agree if Snagov monastery, the monastery on the lake is the one hosting Vlad's relics or the Comana Monastery, located further south, a monastery founded by Vlad Tepes.
Snagov Monastery is located on an island on Snagov lake, close to Bucharest. It was probably built by the Wallachian leader Mircea the Elder in 1408 and rebuilt several times during the Middle Ages; one of those who rebuilt it was Vlad Dracula. It became famous after Vlad was supposedly buried there after the battle of 1476 with the Turks. The monastery was also a major printing center of Wallachia during the Middle Ages and several leaders confirmed its role as a strategic location. The bridge was burned in 1821 and has never been rebuilt.

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