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Soroca Fortress, Bessarabia

> Its walls are 20m high.
> Beautifully located on the Dnester river.
> It is half a millenium old.

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The northern half of Bessarabia (Moldova Republic), on Dnester river, close to the city of Balti.

About Soroca Fortress, Bessarabia

Soroca is the most impressive fortress of Bessarabia.
The town has its origin in the medieval Genoese trade post of Alciona. It is known for its well-preserved stronghold on Dnester river, established by the Moldavian Prince Stephen the Great (Stefan cel Mare) in 1499. Half a century later the fortress was rebuilt in stone as a perfect circle with five bastions situated at equal distances. The stronghold was sacked by the Russians in the Russo-Turkish War (1735–1739).

The fortress
At the beginning, Soroca fortress was build in wood and clay. As the Dnester river was difficult to pass, this place was one of the only ones the Tatars could use to invade Moldova. The new fortress, built around 1550 featured strong 20m tall walls and is preserved in excellent conditions. The fortressis about 40m wide and it is defended by walls and 4 circular towers plus an access tower. The fortress was the reason for the development of Soroca as a strong administrative and commercial point.

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