Spa Resorts, Romania 

Regions: Banat-Crisana, Transylvania, Oltenia, Wallachia, Moldavia, Dobruja 

+ Baile Felix 

+ Baile Herculane 

+ Baile Tusnad 

+ Bazna 

+ Calimanesti 

+ Eforie 

+ Geoagiu Bai 

+ Slanic Moldova 

+ Sovata 

+ Vatra Dornei 

Spa Resorts, Travel Guide 

> 70 spas. 
> More than 1/3 of all Europe's thermal and mineral springs.
> Lots of the spa towns are also mountain resorts.
> Some of them are as old as the Roman Empire.
> They are famous worldwide for treating a wide variety of illnesses.

Map of the Spa Resorts destinations, Romania > 

They're located all around Romania, mainly close to the mountain regions.

About the Spa Resorts, Romania 

Romania covers 1/40 of Europe's area but hosts 1/3 of all its mineral and thermal springs, even more if you add those of Moldova Republic.

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You can enjoy not only their medical effects but you can also visit them just for fun: some of them are located in the mountains so you can also do trekking, hiking or biking; others are close to the seaside, to amazing castles and Medieval citadels and lots of them are less than one hour close to large cities where you can enjoy other entertaining activities. Spas like Baile Felix, Geoagiu or Herculane were prefered by the aristocrats of the Roman Empire, 2,000 years ago. 


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