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St. Margaret Church of Medias, Transylvania 


St. Margaret Church of Medias, Transylvania, Romania

> It is one of the most beautiful Lutheran churches in Transylvania.
> The church is more than 500 years old.
> Vlad Dracula was held prisoner in the Trumpetilor tower.

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The church is located in the old town of Medias, a small Medieval city, one hour distance from Sibiu, in Transylvania.

About St. Margaret Church of Medias, Transylvania

Trumpetilor tower is the most famous and the most visible one. It is one of the top 10 inclined towers in the world, together with the tower of Pisa, in Italy. In this tower Vlad Dracula was held prisoner in 1476 following a conflict with Mathias, the king of Hungary and Transylvania.
The Lutheran church built in 1498 is located in the middle of Medias, an old Saxon town of Transylvania. The church was fortified right after the Turk invasion of 1438, when the walls and several defense towers were built. The church was built in the late Gothic style and is 56m long and 68m high (together with its tower), one of the highest in Romania. The altar, built in 1480, is the most valuable piece inside the church; 8 paintings representing Christ are surrounding the altar. Several personalities of Medias have their funeral stones located inside the church. The old pipe organ was replaced with a new one with 1300 pipes, in the year 1755. The oldest bell was built in 1498.

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