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St.Michael's Cathedral of Alba Iulia, Transylvania


St.Michael's Cathedral of Alba Iulia, Transylvania, Romania

> It is as old as Notre Dame de Paris: built starting with 1246.
> For centuries, it was the master church of the Catholic community of Transylvania.
> The most valuable early Medieval architecture in Transylvania.
> The organ concerts.

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It is located in the Alba Carolina Citadel of Alba Iulia. Alba Iulia, the old capital of Transylvania, is a city located on the road that connects Sibiu to Cluj.

About St.Michael's Cathedral of Alba Iulia, Transylvania

Built starting with year 1246, St.Michael's Church of Alba Iulia is considered to be the most valuable piece of architecture of the early Medieval period in Transylvania. The building was meant to replace on older church destoryed during the great Tatar invasion of 1241.
The design is mainly in Roman style mixed with Gothic, with elements of Rennaisance and Baroque. The tower on the South side needed 4 centuries to be completed. The organ has 2209 pipes and is dated 1877. Some of the leaders of Transylvania were burried inside. This cathedral functioned during the Middle Ages as the homebase of the Catholic Church of Transylvania. During the Reform it was used by the Unitarians and the Calvin Protestants but after 1700 it was returned to the Catholic community. Now it is the Archiepiscopal Catherdral of Alba Iulia.

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Places to visit in St.Michael's Cathedral of Alba Iulia, Romania

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Concerts & Festivals in Transylvania

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