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St.Michael's Church of Cluj, Transylvania


St.Michael's Church of Cluj, Transylvania, Romania

> The highest in Transylvania.
> Several Transylvanian princes crowned here.
> The most important landmark of Cluj.
> It was Catholic, Protestant and Catholic again.
> The organ concerts.

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It is located in the central point of the city - Unirii Plaza. Cluj, the capital of Transylvania is located on Somes river in the northern half of the region.

About St.Michael's Church of Cluj, Transylvania

It is the highest church in Transylvania. And the second largest church of Transylvania, after the Black Church of Brasov: it is 50m long and 80m high, that makes it shorter but higher than its rival in Brasov.

St.Michael's Church of Cluj is a Catholic church build in Gothic style and located in Unirii Plaza, the central plaza of Cluj.

The construction was financed partly by the citizens, partly from the income of indulgences: a document from 1349, signed by the archbishop of Avignon and fifteen other bishops of Europe grants the indulgence for those contributing to the illumination and furniture of the Saint Michael Church. The construction was completed between 1442-1447, the old tower was built a century later. The tower that stands today was erected in 1862. The oldest section is the altar, inaugurated in 1390, while the newest part is the clock tower, which was built 5 centuries later in Gothic Revival style. Similarly to its sister church St.Michael of Alba Iulia, the church in Cluj was Protestant between 1545-1566, and Unitarian in the period 1566-1716, after that it was reconfiscated by the Catholic Church during the counter-reformation. Several Transylvanian princes were crowned here.

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Concerts & Festivals in Transylvania

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