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Suceava, city in Moldavia / (and its old Medieval capital) / POP.106,000


Suceava, Moldavia, Romania

> The old Medieval citadel, never been conquered.
> Mirauti Church.
> Ioan cel Nou church (UNESCO-protected).
> The Medieval Festival.
> Bukovina Village Museum.

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Bukovina area, the northern corner of Moldavia.

About Suceava, Moldavia

It is the old capital of Moldavia and, during the Middle Ages, its citadel - still existing today - was the former residence of the Moldavian princes. The city was the capital of the lands of Stephen the Great, the most important Moldavian leader, who was famous for building a church every time he defeated the enemy army. He who died in Suceava in 1504 and the capital was moved to Iaşi in 1565 a few decades later. Michael the Brave captured the city in 1600 during the Moldavian Magnate Wars in attempt to unite Wallachia, Moldavia and Transylvania, but he was defeated the same year and Suceava failed to become the capital again.

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Places to visit in Suceava, Romania

The Old Citadel
..."Cetatea de Scaun" in Romanian is located at the edge of the current city and was the military heart of the old medieval capital. It was built in the 14th century.
Mirauti Church
...founded in 1390 by Petru I of Moldavia, it is the oldest church in Suceava, and established the city as a see of the church. Stephen the Great was crowned in this church in 1457 and the church remained the coronation church of Moldavia until 1522. Mirauti is the old Metropolitan Church of Moldavia.
Ioan cel Nou Church
...built around 1514. As well as Mirauti, it was for a while the Metropolitan Seat of the Church of Moldavia. It has frescoes painted on the outside, typical of the region, and is one of the seven churches listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, the only one located in a city, not in villages and little towns

Also see:
The Church of Saint Demetrius (1534), Vascresenia Church (1551), St. Nicholas (1611), St John The Baptist Church (1643) and the Armenian churches Holy Cross Church (1521) and Sf Simion Church (1513).

The Museums of Bukovina is gathering together the Bukovina History Museum, the Bukovina Ethnographic Museum, and the Natural History Museum.

Bukovina Village Museum located also in the area; it is an open-air museum dedicated to the Bukovina historic area of Moldavia. Construction started a few decades ago and the city is continuously improving the collection.

The Planetarium the third one built in Romania and also the largest one.


Iulius Mall Suceava

Concerts & Festivals in Moldavia

The Medieval Festival
...takes place in August in the Old Citadel and is dedicated to Medieval traditions, music and theatre.

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