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Sulina, Dobruja, Romania

> The small town was the headquarters of the European Danube Commission.
> The lonely beaches.
> The lighthouse.
> A good point to explore the Delta from.

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Sulina is a town and free port in Romania, at the mouth of the Sulina branch of the Danube. It is the easternmost point of Romania and is located 70km away from Tulcea, in Dobruja region.

About Sulina, Dobruja

Once a prosperous port and important shipyard, Sulina was for almost a century the seat of the Danube Commission. Because the town has no road access, Sulina has become somehow a disadvantaged location and the only way to reach it is by the boat that leaves Tulcea and goes along the Sulina branch of the Danube. This makes it a great destination for travelers who want to enjoy the Black Sea away from the crowded resorts south of Constanta.
Sulina used to be located on the border of the Roman Empire. Sulina is the town situated at the lowest altitude in Romania: 4m above sea level. Unlike the rest of the Delta, the surroundings are made of sandy, salty soils furrowed by canals. Sulina is placed between the Danube and the Black Sea and its location gives perfect access to both the Black Sea's beach and to visit the Danube Delta. Sulina beach is a beautiful place to enjoy the Black Sea. You can also visit the Palace that was hosting the Commission and the lighthouse.

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Places to visit in Sulina, Romania

Going Out
Not much to do in the town. For top seaside entertainment check out Constanta, the capital of Dobruja. 

Concerts & Festivals in Dobruja

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