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Surdesti (Sisesti), village in Transylvania / POP.5,300

Visit Budesti Josani Wooden Church, built in 1643 and located in the richest ethnographic region of Romania, Maramures.

Surdesti, Maramures, Romania

> The wooden church of Surdesti (part of Sisesti).

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The village is located in the Land of Chioar in Maramures, a northern region of Transylvania.

About Surdesti, Maramures

This UNESCO protected wooden church is one of the tallest religious wooden structures in the world.

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Places to visit in Surdesti, Romania

The wooden church
This one is a Greek-Catholic wooden church built in 1766. Its tower is 54m high, which makes it one of the tallest religious wooden structures in the world. In the upper side of the Surdesti, there is a second church, even older, brought in the 20th century from a neighbor village. There is also a different UNESCO protected wooden church in Sisesti commune, placed in an other part of the village, in Plopis (also part of Sisesti).

Concerts & Festivals in Maramures

If you're interested in clubs or good restaurants, the best place to go is the city of Baia Mare. If you decide to spend the night in the village, though, you can ask your host to cook for you some traditional Maramures dishes for dinner.

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