Top 10"Tara Barsei" or Brasov Area, Romania (German: The Burzenland) 

Region: Transylvania

Tara Barsei Travel Guide 

> The medieval city of Brasov.
> The citadel of Rasnov.
> The fortified churches of Prejmer, Harman and Sanpetru.
> Ski & snowboarding (in Predeal and Poiana Brasov), paragliding, bunjee-jumping, horse riding, camping, trekking, mountainbiking, swimming.
> It is less than 3 hours driving from Bucharest.

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Tara Barsei is the easternmost corner of the Saxon area of Transylvania. Its most important city is Brasov.

About Tara Barsei, Romania 

Beautiful citadels and fortified churches - some of them built centuries ago by the Teutonic Knights - can be found all across the region: have a look at those placed in Brasov, Rasnov, Prejmer, Bran, Harman, Sanpetru.

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Tara Barsei (The Burzenland) is a historic and ethnographic area in southeastern Transylvania, with a mixed population, predominantly inhabited by Romanians since the exodus of most of the German-speaking Transylvanian Saxons starting with 1976, when they began to immigrate to West Germany with the approval of the Communist Romanian regime. Its heart is the city of Braşov.

German colonization of the region started in the 12th century. In 13th century, the region was given to the Teutonic Knights for guarding the southeastern border of the Kingdom of Hungary against invasions. The Knights constructed five castles, while the German community of Transylvania developed farms and villages to support the forts and settle the land. 


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