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Targoviste, city in Wallachia (and its old Medieval capital) / POP.89,000


Targoviste, Wallachia, Romania

> Vlad Tepes (aka: Dracula) had his court here.
> The Chindia Tower.
> The Metropolitan Cathedral.
> Two other beautiful churches, built in the 16th and 17th centuries.
> Targoviste is located about an hour from Bucharest.

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 Northern part of Wallachia, on Ialomita river, close to the Transylvanian Alps.

About Targoviste, Wallachia

Before Bucharest became a major city, Targoviste was for 3 centuries the capital of Wallachia (between 1396 and 1714) and the most important economical, political-military and cultural-artistic centre of the area. Targoviste was also the site of the trial and execution of Nicolae Ceauşescu and his wife Elena in December 1989.

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Places to visit in Targoviste, Romania

The Princely Court of Wallachia
...the Princely Palace, the Chindia tower and several churches are located inside the are.
The Chindia Tower
...Romanian "Turnul Chindiei" is a tower in the Curtea Domneasca ensemble in Targoviste, built in the 15th century. The tower was begun during the second reign of Prince Vlad III the Impaler over Wallachia; the 27 metres height tower had, initially, a military purpose. It is the most important tourist attraction in the Târgovişte and the city's symbol; the tower now houses an exhibition of documents, weapons and objects which belonged to Vlad the Impaler.
The Metropolitan Cathedral is an impressive religious builinh rebuilt in 19th century on the site where the old Metropolitan Church of Wallachia (built in 1656) was located.
Biserica Mare Domneasca
...a church built in 1696, it was at the time the largest church in Wallachia.
Sf. Vineri Church
...was built before 1517 and is the oldest unmodified religious building in Wallachia.
Dealu Monastery
...a few minutes from central Targoviste you can find this monastery for nuns built around year 1500. The first printing machine in the romanian provinces appeared here. Also see: Manastirea Viforata
The Museum of History
...situated in the former building of the court house, it is an architectural monument raised in 1902, including collections of archaeological and historical pieces reflecting the evolution of Targoviste.

Concerts & Festivals in Wallachia

You're very close to Bucharest, where you can get the best a European capital can give.

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