Top 10 Big Cities, Romania 

and Moldova Republic 

+ Bucharest, Romania (POP. metro: 2,400k)  

The capital of Wallachia, as well as the country's capital 

+ Chisinau, Moldova Republic (POP. metro: 911k) 

The capital of Moldova Republic (Bessarabia) 

+ Galati, Romania (POP.metro: 600k) 

City in Moldavia 

+ Constanta, Romania (POP.metro: 446k) 

The capital of Dobruja 

+ Brasov, Romania (POP. metro: 400k) 

City in Transylvania 

+ Iasi, Romania (POP. metro: 400k) 

Capital of Moldavia 

+ Cluj, Romania (POP.metro: 379k) 

Capital of Transyllvania

+ Timisoara, Romania (POP.metro: 376k) 

Capital of Banat-Crisana

+ Craiova, Romania (POP.metro: 320k) 

Capital of Oltenia 

+ Ploiesti, Romania (POP.metro: 300k) 

City in Wallachia 

The Big Cities Travel Guide  

> Top travel destinations, among them: Bucharest, Chisinau, Brasov, Cluj, Timisoara and Iasi. 

Map of The Big Cities, Romania  

Romania and Moldova Republic 

About The Big Cities, Romania  

> 10 cities cummulate 6,5 million people, that is 1/2 of the total urban population of Romania and Moldova Republic.
> All 8 capitals of the traditional Romanian regions are in the top. 

bestromania: flights  

The main hub for air travel is Bucharest. For low-cost flights, apart from Bucharest we also recommend Timisoara (Banat-Crisana) with 9 international destinations, Sibiu (Transylvania) and Bacau (Moldavia) with 6 destinations each. By rail and by car, the main entry points from Western Europe are the cities of Oradea and Arad (both in the western region of Banat-Crisana). 


About 1/2 of the population of Romania and Moldova Republic is urban (13 million people). Apart from the capitals, the main cities evolved similarely and their population is around 300-400,000 citizens.   

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