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The Parliament Palace, Romania, Bucharest


The Parliament Palace, Bucharest, Romania

> It is the world's largest palace.
> It is permanently open to public.
> It is the most important project of Nicolae Ceausescu.
> The Museum of Contemporary Art is located inside.
> As well as the Museum of Socialist Realism.

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Central Bucharest, nearby Unirii Plaza.

About The Parliament PalaceBucharest

It is the world's largest palace, and, according to the Guinness Book of World Records, it is the largest civilian administrative building, and the world's heaviest building.

The Palace of the Parliament (Romanian: Palatul Parlamentului) in Bucharest, Romania is a multi-purpose building hostin the Romanian Parliament. The Palace was designed and nearly completed by the Ceausescu regime as the seat of political and administrative power. Most Romanians call it the People's House (Casa Poporului).

The Palace measures 270m by 240m, 86 m high, and 92 m under ground. It has 330.000 m2, 1,100 rooms, it is 12 stories tall, with 8 additional underground levels. 7 of the old Bucharest had to be demolished, including 19 Orthodox Christian churches, six Jewish synagogues, 11 Protestant churches and 30,000 residences. 20.000 workers working three shifts contributed and the estimated cost is around 3 billion euro. The structure combines elements and motifs from multiple sources, in an eclectic neoclassical architectural style. The building is constructed entirely of materials of Romanian origin. Estimates of the materials used include one million cubic meters of marble from Transylvania, most from Ruschita; 3,500 tonnes of crystal 2,800 chandeliers, embroideries and passementeries in silver and gold.

Construction began in 1983; At the time of Nicolae Ceausescu's 1989 overthrow and execution, the building structure and design were complete. Subsequently, many of the furnishings were never installed and the last three basement levels were never finished. Since 1997, the building has housed the Parliament. In 2008, the Palace hosted the 20th NATO summit.

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