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The Civic Center of Bucharest, Bucharest


The Civic Center of Bucharest, Bucharest, Romania

> It's longer and wider than Champs Elisees in Paris.
> It is Ceausescu's personal dream for Bucharest.
> It is surrounded by the old neighborhoods.

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The northern side of Bucharest in the Casa Presei Libere area.

About The Civic Center of BucharestBucharest

Central Bucharest, starting from the Palace of Parliament going East on Unirii Boulevard up to Alba Iulia Plaza.
It was completely rebuilt as part of the systematization schebe under the dictator Nicolae Ceausescu. It is a complex of concrete buildings with marble facades, centered on a boulevard originally known as the Boulevard of the Victory of Socialism, renamed after the Romanian Revolution of 1989 as Unification ("Unirii") Boulevard. The Boulevard, modeled after Paris's Champs-Elysees runs east-west, constituting a grand approach to the Palace of the Parliament at its western terminus.

Eight square kilometers in the historic center of Bucharest were leveled, including monasteries, churches, synagogues, a hospital, and a noted Art Decosports stadium. This also involved evicting 40,000 people with only a single day's notice and relocating them to new homes, in order to make way for the grandiose Centrul Civic and the immense Palace of the People, now officially renamed as the Palace of Parilament. Centrul Civic is surrounded on nearly all sides by historical buildings and neighborhoods. Lipscani, in particular, is one famous nearby street; immediately adjacent to Centrul Civic, just off Unirii Square, is Dealul Mitropoliei, with the Patriarchal Cathedral and Palace, seat of patriarch of the Romanian Orthodox Church.

Built for the Communist elite
Centrul Civic includes numerous government offices and apartments, the latter being roughly equal in number to the housing units destroyed for its construction. The apartments were originally intended to house Romania's communist elite, but the completed complex is not a preferred residence for the city's new capitalist elite. Few buildings were actually never finished: the most imposing one is the building proposed to be the new National Library of Romania.

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Concerts & Festivals in Bucharest

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