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Top 10 Communist Legacy, Romania 

Regions: Bucharest, Wallachia, Oltenia, Dobruja, Transylvania.

+ Casa Scanteii (Bucharest, Romania) 

+ Civic Center, Bucharest (Bucharest, Romania) 

+ Danube - Black Sea Canal (Dobruja, Romania) 

+ Scornicesti (Wallachia, Romania) 

+ Sighet Prison (Transylvania, Romania) 

+ The Iron Gates (Oltenia, Romania) 

+ The Palace of the Parliament (Bucharest, Romania) 

+ The Bucharest Subway (Bucharest, Romania) 

+ Transfagarasan (Transylvania & Wallachia, Romania) 

+ Vidraru Dam (Wallachia) 

The Communist Legacy, Travel Guide

> Bucharest hosts 4 out of 10 of them.
> Some of them are impressive architectural achievements.
> The largest administrative building in the world.
> The largest dam on the Danube.
> The most spectacular road in Europe: Transfagarasan.

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Most of them are in Bucharest and the 3 southern regions of Romania: Wallachia, Oltenia and Dobruja. The only ones placed in Transylvania is Sighet Prison and the northern half of Transfagarasan.

About The Communist Legacy, Romania 

You have to see the major accomplishments of the communist regime in order to have an idea about the scale of the human sacrifices the regime demanded for their megalomaniacal projects to become real.

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Half of the projects still have an important role in the Romanian economy today: The Canal, The Iron Gates, Transfagarasan, Vidraru Dam and the Subway. Sighet is the expression of the darkest side of the regime. Scornicesti is the birthplace of the dictator. The other 3 (The Parliament Palace, Casa Scanteii and The Civic Center), all located in Bucharest, are just the result of the delusion of grandeur that made Ceausescu famous. 


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