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The Endless Fire of Lopatari, Wallachia


The Endless Fire of Lopatari, Wallachia, Romania

> Fire flames up to 1m high come from within the earth.

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 It is located on Slanic valley on a hill close to Lopatari village. It is located an hour distance from Buzau. Buzau is a city in the Eastern side of Wallachia, close to the border with Moldavia.

About The Endless Fire of Lopatari, Wallachia

It is a natual phenomenon related to natural gases emanation from the earh that lead to permanent flames.
The fire is natural, as the gases produce a natural combustion in their contact with the atmosphere. Locals say their village sits on a rich oil and gases land. You can almost reach the place by driving there but you'll have to walk the last 20 minutes. There is no touristic guidance or signage so you'll have to ask the locals.

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