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The Fortified Church of Prejmer
, Transylvania


The Fortified Church of Prejmer, Transylvania, Romania

> The largest fortified church of South-Eastern Europe.
> A church that looks like a fortified castle.
> Minutes away from Brasov.
> The fortress was built by the Teutonic Knights.

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The church is located in Prejmer, a village in Burzenland, a Saxon area of southern Transylvania, very close to Brasov.

About The Fortified Church of Prejmer, Transylvania

The Teutonic Knights constructed the fortress in 13th century, as part of their colonization of the region. The town of Prejmer was the eastern-most settlement of the Transylvanian Saxons.

The invasions
The fortification was meant to protect the community in case of a prolonged siege. It was surrounded by a wall 12m high, forming a quadrilateral with rounded corners. It was provided with an "Organ of Death", a military innovation meant to create huge damages to the beseiger's army. The entire village was organized around the fortress and most of the original layout of the village was preserved. Prejmer was repeatedly invaded throughout the Middle Ages by Mongols, Tatars, Turks and other.

The church
The church has a cross-plan building with a tower rising above the nave and it is modeled after the churches of Jerusalem, as well as built in the style of Late Gothic churches from the Rhineland.

Places to visit in The Fortified Church of Prejmer, Romania

The fortified church
One of the best preserved fortified church in Eastern Europe built seven centuries ago by the Teutonic Knights.

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