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The Metropolitan Cathedral of Iasi, Moldavia


The Metropolitan Cathedral of Iasi, Moldavia, Romania

> The metropolitan seat of Moldavia.
> Built starting with 1833.
> The relics of St.Paraschiva gathers hunderds of thousands of people on October 14.

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The Metropolitan Cathedral is located on the Stefan cel Mare Boulevard in Iasi, the capital of Moldavia, a city close to the border with Moldova Republic (aka Bessarabia).

About The Metropolitan Cathedral of Iasi, Moldavia

In 1889, the relics of Saint Paraschiva, patron saint of Moldavia, were brought from Trei Ierarhi Monastery and continue to attract hundreds of thousands of pilgrims, particularly on her feast day (October 14). Two valuable icons painted in the 16th century are kept inside; they depict Christ Pantocrator and the Madonna and Child.

The Metropolitan seat of Moldavia is an Orthodox church dedicated to Saint Paraschiva, to the Presentation of Jesus and to Saint George. Its form was inspired by the late Italian Renaissance style, with Baroque elements dominating the interior and exterior decorative features.

The story
Two churches previously stood on the site: the White Church (15th century) and the Presentation Church (17th century). On 8 August 1826, prince Ioan Sturdza signed a decree ordering construction of the cathedral; Construction started in 1833. Six years later, serious cracks had appeared on the large central arch, which collapsed, taking the interior columns with it; the building remained unfinished for almost four decades when the newly-independent Romanian state decided to resume work on the cathedral. The large central dome was eliminated and replaced with a system of four semicircular sections, separated by transverse arches. The cathedral was completed in 1887 and consecrated the same year in the presence of King Carol I and Queen Elisabeth, who had donated large sums for the project.

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