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The Monasteries of Neamt, Moldavia


The Monasteries of Neamt, Moldavia, Romania

> 10 centuries-old monasteries.
> Amazing mountain surroundings.
> The peace and the solitude.
> Not yet popular with tourists.
> Orthodox Christianity at its best.

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The region around the city of Piatra Neamt, in the northern part of Moldavia.

About The Monasteries of Neamt, Moldavia

Most of the travelers interested in the old Romanian Orthodox monasteries will probably pay a visit to the Painted Monasteries of Bukovina. Very few of them are aware that about an hour distance from Bukovina, there's an area at least as rich in old religious settlements: the Monasteries of Neamt.

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Places to visit in The Monasteries of Neamt, Romania

It is the second most populated monastery for nuns in Romania; it was built starting with 1642 and it is located minutes away from Targu Neamt town. What is unusual is that the frescos are painted by Grigorescu, which is the best rated Romanian artist of all times. For the first one and a half centuries it was a monastery of monks; in 1803 it was converted as a place for nuns. The only Theological Seminary in Romania dedicated to women, is located here.

It is a monastery located a few minutes west of Piatra Neamt city. It was founded in 1402 and surrounded by 4m high stone walls. A remarkable item preserved here is the miraculous icon of Saint Anne given to the monastery as a present by the emperor of Constantinople. The monastery was an important cultural center for calligraphers, miniaturists and chroniclers. It has a museum that hosts an important collection of medieval art.

It was named after a waterfall located nearby. The monastery is built at the foot of Ceahlau Mountains, where a hermitage existed since 1600. Established in 1779, it was converted in a monastery for monks a few decades later.

One of the oldest and most important in Romania, it was established in the 14th century. It is located 10 km west of Targu Neamt town. In the monastery there is a famous library, more than 600 years old. Among the 11,000 volumes are many rare books, some of them being the first ones printed in this country. The altar screen of the former church from Neamţf0 Fortress.

Built in 1560, it might have been built around an even older religious settlement. It is located on Bistrita valley, close to Piatra Neamt city.

It was built in 1496 by Stephen the Great, the most important Medieval leader of Moldavia. The monastery was dedicated to all the soldiers who have died fighting against the Ottoman Empire.

It is located less than half an hour from Targu Neamt town in a beautiful surroundings. It was founded around the year 1500. It has an old religious icon - "Deisis" painted more than 4 centuries ago.

A monastery for monks built in 1655 and rebuilt almost a century later. It was damaged by the Turks a few years later and rebuilt again in 1824. It is located close to Targu Neamt town.

Was built in the 18th century at 1000m altitude, surrounded by beautiful mountain landscapes. It is close to the cave where Saint Theodora, an important saint in the Orthodox world used to live.

It is a monastery for nuns built in 1785. The main church dates from 1808 and there is a second church in the complex, built in 1844. It is famous for its school of crafts for nuns, established two centuries ago.

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