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The Mountain Train of Vaser Valley, Transylvania


The Mountain Train of Vaser Valley, Transylvania, Romania

> A voyage back in time with a small mountain train.
> The alpine landscape is spectacular.
> Viseu de Sus is famous for its folk traditions.

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Viseu de Sus, a small town in Maramures area of northern Transylvania.

About The Mountain Train of Vaser Valley, Transylvania

You can stop anywhere you want and continue on foot and slowly enjoy the beautiful lanscapes. The highest mountain peak in the region is 1930m high. These kind of mountain trains used to be more frequent in Europe but today the Vaser Valley train is one of the last ones still in use. As you go up to the mountains, your cell will go out of the reach area and an old and slow locomotive will take you back in time a hundred years ago.
Vaser Gorge is similar to a canyon and it is located in Maramures Mountains. River Vaser crsoss the mountains for about 42km. Early 20th century a small railroad was built here for the workers to load the logs from the mountains to their village. Surprisingly, apart from its touristic appeal, people still use it for its original purpose: carrying logs down to the valley; they're alternating carriages meant for people and goods. Steam engine trains were used and the same locomotives are still in use today. The railroad follows the small river through the canyon that opens with steep sides and forests surround the road; mountain springs are everywhere. The little train is locally called "Mocanita" and the starting point for this fairylike voyage starts from Viseu de Sus, a small town in Maramures, famous for preserving centuries old crafts and traditions.

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