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The Pilgrimage of October 14th, Moldavia


The Pilgrimage of October 14th, Moldavia, Romania

> Over 1 million Orthodox believers will be here.
> It is the largest pilgrimage in Romania.

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The Metropolitan church of Iasi, the capital of Moldavia.

About The Pilgrimage of October 14th, Moldavia

St. Parascheva is considered the protector of Moldavia and it is the most popular saint who's relics are located in Romania. Orthodox believers think it is able to perform miracles. On 14th of October every year, the coffin with her relics is brought out of the church. About a million people attend the event, most of them waiting for hours in a cue that goes for several kilometers in order to be able to see the saint.
St.Parascheva was born a thousand years ago in Thracia, a region located between Romania and Greece. When she was 15, she became a nun. It is recognized as a saint in Romania, Greece, Bulgaria, Serbia and Russia. Its relics were brought to Moldavia in 1641 and given to Trei Ierarhi Church of Iasi. People also call her "Sf.Vineri" (Saint Friday). The celebration start on 12th of October and lasts for 3 days, up to 14th, St.Parascheva's Day. The Mayor organizes public dinners to help the pilgrims.

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