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The Pyramids of Sona, Transylvania 


The Pyramids of Sona, Transylvania, Romania

> 30m high pyramids, thousands of years old.
> No one knows exactely how they got there.

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Sona is about one hour by car or by train from Brasov to Sibiu; Sona village is close to the town of Fagaras, in Transylvania.

About The Pyramids of Sona, Transylvania

The locals think they've been built by giants while historians say they're ancient Celtic tombs. Whatever they are and whoever made them, it worth paying a visit. The landscape is beautiful, located 500m from Olt river; you can even camp there and talk to the locals about the strange pyramids that got there God knows how.

They're eight pyramids made of clay are 30m high and can be seen from a long distance. They're alligned perfectly paralel to each other. Historians think they belong to the Celts, who came to the ancient land of Dacia (present day Romania) long before the locals. It seems that Celtic tribes used to bury their leaders under huge piles of clay together with their valuable belongings. They made'em so big so that it would discourage treasue hunters.

The legend
Says that ages ago this land was owned by Princess Sona. Giants coming from the south from over the mountains entered her land and attacked her kingdom. They crossed the Olt river and when they got to the other side, shook the mud off their feet and that's how the piles of earth got there.

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