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The Sinking Church of Bezidu, village in Transylvania 


The Sinking Church of Bezidu, Transylvania, Romania

> The church's tower pops out of the water.
> It was a centuries old church sinked by Ceausescu.
> On the bottom of the lake there are 100 houses.

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Bezidu Nou is located close to Targu Mures, in the Szekelyfold area of Transylvania. The village is now part of Sangeorgiu de Padure town.

About The Sinking Church of Bezidu, Transylvania

Those who've seen the Sinking Church say it is one of the saddest picture they've ever seen. The old village doesn't exist anymore, actually you can't even find it on a map but it is close to Bezidu Nou (New Bezidu) village and to the small town of Sangiorgiu de Padure. The village has been inundated one year before the '89 Revolution by the communist authorities. 100 houses are immersed on the bottom of the lakes as well as a church. The only building that remained uncovered is the other church, the Catholic one that was built on a hill; its tower can be still seen popping out of the lake's surface. The people were relocated so that the communist can create Bezid Lake.

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