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Timisoara, Capital of Banat-Crisana / POP.311,000 (metro: 376,000)


Timisoara, Banat-Crisana, Romania

> Old Austrian buildings in Victoriei & Unirii Plazas.
> Plenty of festivals.
> The Orthodox and Catholic cathedrals.
> It feels more like Vienna than Bucharest.
> Lots of parks, a generally relaxed mood.

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The western corner of Romania, located in Banat area, in the southern part of the Banat-Crisana region.

About Timisoara, Banat-Crisana

This is the place where the 1989 Revolution started. Timisoara is the largest city of Banat area and also the largest in Banat-Crisana region. The entire city center consists of buildings built in the Kaiser era. The old city consists of several historic areas: Cetate, Iosefin, Elisabetin & Fabric. Numerous bars, clubs and restaurants have opened in the old center in the fine old Baroque square. Timisoara is known in Romania as the City of Parks & Roses. Because it is located in the western corner of Romania, Timisoara is closer to Vienna, Budapest and Belgrade than to Bucharest.

Timişoara has been a strong economic center since the 18th century when the Habsburg administration was installed. For two centuries, Timisoara was under Austrian colonization; because of the ethnic and religious diversity and progressive laws, the economy began to grow. During the Industrial Revolution changes were fast: it was the first city with illuminated streets within the Empire, then the first city of mainland Europe illuminated by electric light, first cinema projection in Romania, first European football match in Romania. The Bega river was channelled - Bega canal; it was the first navigable channel in the Romanian territory. In this way the city had contact with Europe, and the world through the Black Sea.

After the 1989 Revolution, Timisoara experienced an economic boom, due to foreign investments, mainly in high-tech sectors. It is considered the second most prosperous city in Romania and is served by Romania's second busiest airport, Traian Vuia International Airport.

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Places to visit in Timisoara, Romania

The Zoo
...located in the same area as The Village Museum, it's a small zoo, but your children will love it.

Botanical Park
...near Piata Unirii, it's the most beautiful park in Timisoara.

Also see:
Rose Park, near Piata Victoriei, Central Park, near Piata Victoriei, just behind the Metropolitan Orthodox Cathedral and Children's Park (near the Student Campus).

Piata Victoriei
...Victory Square or Opera Square, it's the symbol of the Romanian revolution. Here you can find The Metropolitan Orthodox Cathedral, The Opera House, The City Hall, The Philharmonic, The Banat Museum and beautiful palaces built at the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century. Lloyd Pallace is also located here; built in 1910, it is now the main building of the University.

Piata Unirii
...Union Square with its beautiful palaces and all the coffee houses it is the old city's center. Here you find The Catholic Dome, The Baroque Palace (now a beautiful art gallery), The Serbian Church and other important buildings. The Bastion, part of Timisoara's old defensive walls is also located near Piata Unirii.
Piata Libertatii
...Liberty Square, located between Piata Unirii and Piata Victoriei is a small square with old buildings. Here you can find the old City Hall and the beautiful St. Nepomuk's Statue.
Timişoara Orthodox Cathedral
...built starting with 1936, it is the largest religious building in Timisoara and home to the Metropolitan Church of Banat. The plans for this cathedral emerged after the region was united with Romania in 1918. It is 83 m tall and is designed in the Byzantine style with Moldavian influences.

The Roman Catholic Cathedral
...also called "The Dome", it was built starting with 1736. It is considered the finest piece of baroque architecture in Banat area. Check out the organ concerts; three ceremonies are held, for the Romanian, German and Hungarian communities.

Millennium Church also a Catholic church, built starting eith 1896; it is 65 m tall.

The Baroque Pallace
...built in 1733, it had various administrative roles. Today, it hosts the Arts Museum.

The Village Museum
...located near Padurea Verde (The Green Forest). Here you can discover the Romanian traditions.

The Banat Museum in Huniade Castle was established in 1872 and is now located in Hundiade Castle, a building that is 4 centuries older.Huniade Castle was built starting with 1443 and it is one of the oldest buildings in Timisoara. Initially, it was build for the King of Hungary, as a temporary residence. Now it hosts the Banat Museum with its History and Natural Sciences departaments.

The Arts Museum
...hosted by the Baroque Palace, it has a Contemporary Art departament, a Decorative Arts and a rich European Art departament.

Timisoara has the largest number of valuable old buildings in Romania (almost 15.000). The Austrian influence is obvious, actually the city has been called "Little Vienna" for a long time. German, Serbian and Hungarian architecture mixes with 20th century Romanian architecture.

Universities include: The West University (over 20.000 students), Polytechnic University (13.000 students), Victor Babeş University of Medicine and Pharmacy, and several others, public and private.


Iulius Mall

Concerts & Festivals in Banat-Crisana

Banatul Philharmonic is an old and prestigious orchestra; on this stage have performed Franz Liszt, Brahms or Enescu.

Romanian Opera House
It is the only city in Europe with 3 state theatres: National Theatre, German State Theatre, Hungarian State Theatre.

Puppet Theatre.

Plai Festival dedicated to World music and arts. It happens every September and brings together artist from all around the world.

TM Base
...Timisoara is a major scene for Electronic music. The festival is already 12 years old and it seems to become a hotspot for Electronic genre lovers.

Romani Art Festival
...dedicated to the large Gipsy community living in Romania, the festival brings you music, movies and the traditional crafts of this fascinating community.

Opera and Ballet Festival August, this is when the best Romanian talents as well as international guests will be in Timisoara for a few days. The nice thing is that most concerts take place outdoor, in Rose Park.

Timisoara Jazz Festival the end of November every year enjoy some of the most important performers from all over the world. It is organized by Jazz Banat cultural foundation that is also behind Garana Jazz Festival, an amazing event taking place outdoor on top of the mountain, a few hours from Timisoara.

Underground Festival of the most important punk/alternative events in Romania take place in May in Timisoara.

Eurothalia European Theatre Festival
...took place for the first time in 2009 and might become one of the most interesting theatre events in this part of Europe.

Timishort the International Short Movies Festival, organized in May in Timisoara. You can also attend various workshops that take place during the festival.

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