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Transalpina, Transylvania and Oltenia


Transalpina, Transylvania and Oltenia, Romania

> The road goes up to 2145m altitude.
> It is the unknown sister of Transfagarasan road.
> Parang mountains.

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Transalpina (code DN67C) is located in the Parang Mountains of the Transylvanian Alps and connects Novaci village, in Oltenia, to the town of Sebes in Transylvania.

About Transalpina, Transylvania and Oltenia

It is one of the most spectacular roads of the Carpathian Mountains.
The road has its highest point at Urdele Pass, where the elevation is 2,145m above sea level. Given the high altitude, the road is closed during the cold months of the year. Works began in 2007 in order to transform this spectacular road into a modern highway (148 km), allowing a rapid transit between Oltenia and Transylvania. Ranca, a newly developed resort, is located towards the south end of the Transalpina road.

Who built it?
Some say that the road was built under King Carol II of Romania and rebuilt during World War II by German troops and it is called The King's Road by the locals. Another story says that Ceausescu had the Transfagarasan Road (DN7C) built during the communist regime just to surpass the Transalpina.

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