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Top 10 Unusual Destinations, Romania 

Regions: Transylvania, Wallachia and Moldavia 

Unusual Destinations, Travel Guide 

> 10 things you've never seen before.

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Except for one destination in Moldavia, all the other 9 are located in Transylvania and Wallachia.

About the Unusual Destinations, Romania 

Every destination is very different from the other but they all have that "something" that makes them stand out. Some of them have been included in travel guides, others are known mostly by the locals. You have the chance to discover things that are the opposite from everything you've expected.

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You'll see mud-bubbling volcanoes bringing gases from 3.000m underground. You can see the wisent, the European bison that you've only seen in books. The Prison where Ceausescu locked the intelectual elite of Romania. A salt mine that looks like an underground cathedral and is the largest on the continent. A remoted field where an endless fire comes from the underground. A cemetery where people seemed to have been happy do go to "the better place". One million pilgrims gathered to see the relics of a saint. Pyramids of clay 30m high coming from thousand years ago. There is a church who's tower pops out of the surface of the lake. And a road that crosses the Transylvanian Alps and travellers say it is the most spectacular in Europe. Welcome to the unusual destinations of Romania.


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