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Vama Veche, Dobruja


Vama Veche, Dobruja, Romania

> The hippie village of the Black Sea.
> Hugely popular with Romanian young people.
> Stuffstock festival, up to 40.000 participants.

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South to the city of Constanta, on the seaside of Dobruja on the Black Sea, close to the border between Romania and Bulgaria.

About Vama Veche, Dobruja

The capital of binge-drinking, rock music and casual sex. It is so popular among young people that some of them come as visitors and become semi-permanent residents of the village, living in tents on the beach.

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Places to visit in Vama Veche, Romania

Vama Veche seaside
...founded in 1811, Vama Veche is a small village in Romania on the Black Sea coast, close to the border with Bulgaria. In Communist Romania, Vama Veche already had the reputation of a different tourist destination, a status that remained the same since the Romanian Revolution of 1989. During the communist era, concern for border patrol sight lines spared Vama Veche the development that occurred in other Romanian Black Sea resorts. It became a hangout for intellectuals; for reasons that are not exactly clear, the generally repressive regime of Nicolae Ceausescu chose to tolerate this countercultural oasis, as long as people had their identity papers with them. Accommodations consisted of tents or rooms rented from peasants or fishermen. Famous for its nude beach, since the late 1990s Vama Veche has experienced development and a halt to development and mass tourism is now required by its core fans.


For malls and hypermarkets, check out Constanta.

You are already "out" if you're camping and you'll probably not need to leave the village for any reason.

Concerts & Festivals in Dobruja

Various bands and famous DJs are performing in Vama Veche during the summer.

...a music festival that happens here at the end of each summer: some editions gather up to 40.000 people.

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