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Regions: Wallachia, Transylvania, Bucharest, Moldavia 

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> Follow Vlad Dracula from Wallachia to Transylvania: castles, fortresses, churches and monasteries connected with the blood-thirsty prince.
> Two traditional Romanian celebrations with pagan origins, that connect the locals with "the other world"

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Bran, Comana, Snagov and Poenari are in Wallachia. Baciu, St. Margaret and Sighisoara are in Transylvania. You can attend the rural celebrations of St.Andrew's night either in Transylvania or in Moldova. 

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You might think vampires were created in Hollywood in the 20th century. Romania will prove you wrong. Vampires exist in Romanian traditions for centuries and they're lots of remote villages where people still use magic to defend themselves from the evil creatures of the night.

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Bran is the spookiest castle in Romania and some say Vlad stayed there for a while, others think he didn't. The same controversy regards the place where the Prince was buried: some say it is Snagov Monastery, others that it's Comana Monastery, built by him. Sighisoara might be the most beautiful inhabited medieval citadel of Europe and it's where Vlad was born; his house is still there. Half an hour away, St.Margaret church is the place where he was door a little while jailed in a tower. Targoviste is his capital, the royal city of Wallachia. Sanziene is the traditional Romanian celebration when some claim to see "sanziene", the fairies of the forest, coming out. St. Andrew's night is the night when the dead and the undead come out of their graves to bring curses and deceases to the living ones. Enjoy what might be the richest supernatural tradition in Europe.


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