New York Times called Romania "the most beautiful country in Eastern Europe". Lonely Planet thinks it's "The Wild West of Europe" but most people you ask about Romania barely know anything about this mysterious country - except maybe for the two "dark lords" of the Romanian history: Vlad Dracula, a cruel Medieval leader turned Hollywood hero and Nicolae Ceausescu, the Romanian dictator, leader of the former communist regime.

What about the REAL Romania?
Lonely Planet describes as "untouched medieval villages, dramatic peaks and unspoiled forests, countryside and pristine landscapes await you; the continent as it once was, the last bastion of Europe's traditional heart and soul". Among others, you will discover the largest river delta in the EU, the World's largest palace, hundreds of centuries-old Romanian Orthodox churches and Saxon Protestant churches, or Romania's Nature Reserves in the Carpathian Mountains, providing the habitat for the largest wildlife in Europe, the largest concentration of thermal & mineral waters, as well as virgin forests.

Good news for the independent traveler
Romania, the new member of the European Union is not yet a mainstream touristic destination; you can still enjoy a traditional Romanian 3 meals lunch for 5 euros, great Romanian wines for 3 euros a bottle, you can book a room for as less as 15 euros per night and find a round-trip low-cost flight ticket for as low as 50 euros. Best Romania is the first comprehensive guide written by local editors for the independent traveler who wants to discover the last virgin corner of the continent, experience real adventures without leaving the safe ground of EU.

Welcome to the Wild East of Europe
hope you'll enjoy your Romanian vacation,

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