Top 10 Wine Destinations, Romania 

Regions:  Moldavia, Bessarabia (Moldova Republic), Transylvania, Banat-Crisana, Dobruja, Oltenia, Wallachia

+ Cotnari 

+ Cricova 

+ Jidvei 

+ Milestii Mici

+ Murfatlar

+ Odobesti

+ Oprisor 

+ Purcari

+ Recas 

+ Urlati 

Wine Destinations Travel Guide 

> Milestii Mici cellars are the largest in the world.
> Romania & Moldova are in the Top 10 worldwide wine producers.
> High quality wines at incredibly low prices.
> Most wine destinations are small, picturesque villages.

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Half of the destinations are in the eastern regions of Moldavia and Bessarabia (Moldova Republic) region. The other 5 are located in Transylvania, Banat-Crisana, Oltenia, Wallachia and Dobruja.

About the Wine Destinations, Romania 

If we cummulate the wine produced by Romania and its small neighbor, Moldova Republic, the total ammount place the region in TOP 10 most important wine producers in the world, just below Chile, South Africa and Australia. The Moldovan regions (Moldavia region of Romania plus the Moldova Republic) by itself is the most important wine producer in Eastern Europe.

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Romania attracts European wine lovers, due to the exceptional quality wines and the affordable prices, compared to other wine producing nations such as France, Germany or Italy.

Wine was first introduced 3,000 years ago in Dacia (present-day Romania) by the Greeks. Due to the hot dry summers, the location proved to be successful and the grape vineyards thrived. Since the medieval times, wine has been the traditional alcoholic beverage of the Romanians. Later on, during the medieval ages, Saxons emigrated to Romania, bringing along with them different variations of Germanic grape vines. Wine is responsible for a high share of Moldova Republic's income. Most of the country's wine production is for export. Many families have their own recipes and strands of grapes that have been passed down through the generations. By 1914, Bessarabia had the biggest vineyard area in the entire Russian Empire.

The Moldovan wine collection "Milestii Mici" in Moldova Republic (aka Bessarabia) with 1.5 million bottles, is the largest wine collection in Europe, according to the Guinness Book. It stretches for 200 km, of which only 50 km are currently in use. Cricova winery also has an extensive network of underground caves.


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